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Our restaurant seats 100 guests where you can enjoy traditional home-cooked meals at reasonable prices.

Here with us you can feel free and comfortable during your stay in our spacious, well-equipped cabins. The cabins are insulated for all-year use and have a kitchen, dining alcove, bathroom, bedroom and open loft.

At the marina, which has a special jetty for visitors and access to sanitary facilities, you can hire a boat and go fishing or sightseeing.

We also have an area just for parking of mobile homes with access to sanitary facilities.

With Lanternen as a starting point you can enjoy daytrips to famous tourist destinations like Geiranger, Stryn, Tafjord, Vestkapp and Ålesund.

Opening hours:

Thursday to Sunday: 12.00 – 19.30
Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 13.00 – 19.30




Facing the Atlantic Ocean just south of Ålesund lies Herøy, one of Norway’s largest fishing communities. The municipality is concentrated on a group of islands – naked and wild out on the coast with the powerful ocean as their nearest neighbour in the north-west, but sheltered and idyllic on the eastern side. The smell of salt sea, the fantastic archipelago with its cosy holms and bays, boat trips, deep-sea fishing, diving and mountain hiking in easy walking country, are some of the things we have to offer you.

Just 15 km from Lanternen lies Norway’s southernmost bird rock, Runde, also famous for its rich finds of gold from shipwrecks in the days of sailing vessels. The island is protected, but boat trips around the island and easy access by foot, gives you a chance to experience the bird life up close.

Your stay here will give you an eventful holiday.


How to get here:

By plane:
Through Ålesund Airport Vigra we are connected to the flight network, both domestic and abroad. From Ålesund to Lanternen you travel by boat, bus or by car in less than an hour.

By “Hurtigruta”:
“Hurtigruta” stops at Torvik in Herøy everyday on its journey from Bergen to Kirkenes.

By car:
E6 from Oslo to Otta. Riksveg 15, Stryn to Kjøs Bru. E39 to Volda. Fv 655/654 Fosnavåg.

E39 from Bergen to Volda. Fv 655/654 Fosnavåg.

E6 from Oslo/Trondheim to Dombås; E136 from Dombås to Ålesund; Rv 61 from Spjelkavik to Myrvåg
(bilferge Sulesund-Hareid); Fv 654 to Lanternen.

By train:
You can travel by train from Oslo/Trondheim to Åndalsnes, then by bus to Ålesund. 





Lanternen AS

6070 TJØRVÅG  Tlf: 70 08 52 50


Torsdag og Søndag: 12.00 - 19.30
Mandag til onsdag, fredag og laurdag: 13.00 - 19.30